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  • SSD диски
  • Поддержка 24x7
Поддержка технологий
  • PHP
  • Размещение сервера, colocation
  • Физический выделенный сервер
  • Виртуальный хостинг
  • Виртуальный выделенный сервер (VDS, VPS)
Соцсети и мессенджеры хостера

We are proud to announce that #AltusHost has been selected by @FindBestHosts as one of the Top 10 providers in the Best Dedicated Servers category for October 2021. 🏆
This kind of recognition only pushes us to be even better in the future!
Thank you 😊
AltusHost offers a broad line of Dedicated Servers from its own infrastructure in multiple locations! We always encourage you to request a Custom Server, so it matches your business needs completely!
Message us or email us at [email protected]
Let's find you the perfect server!
To help you keep up with the emerging trends, we are talking about SEO techniques that have proven to be relevant in 2021. Maybe you can’t keep track of all the updates, but these are the things that you can’t go wrong with 👇
Being there for our client's needs is something we take a lot of pride in 😊
Our professional, cPanel Certified Technical Support is at your disposal 24/7 via multiple support channels!

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Looking to build a #WordPress website? We got you 💪
With our web hosting, you can easily install #WP, and not only that but also make your website 10-20x faster. Our servers are based on Pure #SSD Storage and Powered by #LiteSpeed Web Server + LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress ⚡
Changing your domain name doesn't have to mean all of the efforts put into building and growing your website will be wasted.
Just follow these few easy rules 👇
Your pricing page can limit your sales🤯
Even though you managed to drive visitors, that doesn’t mean they will complete the purchase. So in this blog, we are talking about some proven tactics you should consider when structuring your pricing page 👇
Today we are celebrating the World Wide Web 🥳 Which was invented 32 years ago! WWW Day is dedicated to web browsing, which brings all the world's knowledge to our fingertips. What would we do if it was never invented? 😄

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Today we are celebrating #SysAdminDay 🥳
Thank you to our incredible team for making sure everything runs smoothly!
You are the best 💪
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More website traffic doesn’t mean more revenue. But more qualified traffic means a lot more revenue ✅ That is why we are showing you 6 ways for increasing the number of qualified visitors to your web page 👇
If you have a website that handles sensitive information like identity info, credit card numbers, or any confidential record, an SSL certificate is a must and expected by consumers 🔐
Take a look at our offer on our website, or feel free to contact us ✌

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Are you having trouble with your IP address being blacklisted? No worries 💪
In this blog, we’ll walk you through what it means to be blacklisted, how to check if your domain or IP address was blacklisted, and what you need to do to get off it 👇
In need of a custom server? We got you 👍
Let us know your needs on [email protected], and our Sales Representative will get back to you ASAP.
You will be impressed with our offer! 🤩
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Are you struggling with unhappy customers? You may be providing poor customer service 🤔 That is why in this blog you can learn how to recognize it and improve it in seven simple steps 🧐 We got you 💪
@LingvallFredrik Hi,
Reported IPs via TW and FB belong to a server that we rent to a VPN company. We'll forward your reports to our client so they can deal with the end-user properly.
But, in case of future reports and communication, kindly follow up guidelines here - https://t.co/wSruRNEXEB
Are you looking for the right cloud hosting provider for your business? Check out these five criteria you should look for when making this decision 👇
Taking care of the data and backups should be a priority for everyone. Unfortunately, it is something that most people, even businesses overlook 😔 All of this can be avoided by a simple and secure Offsite Backup solution provided by #AltusHost 😊
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#ResellerWebHosting is an ideal way to host and manage multiple clients of yours. Our Reseller Hosting is white-label and it comes with Private (Custom) DNS, which helps you maintain your brand protection 😉 For more information email us at [email protected] ✌️ #altushost
In this article, you’ll find out the key benefits of shifting your internal strategy to investing in customer retention. You’ll discover why your dearest, long-term clients are your goldmine that will keep your business running for decades 👇
Today we celebrate World Password Day 🔐A day dedicated to promoting safer password practices. Here are some tips on how to keep your accounts and data safe 💪😊

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