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One of our clients experienced a pretty impressive overnight surge in traffic on their mp4 mobile app. Our 30 Tbps+ network can handle such spikes with ease. Learn more about CDN77's video solutions:
OCD alert? No, just a cable-perfect rack in Frankfurt done by our network engineers. #cableporn
There's been quite a turmoil in the field of server CPUs recently. Check the developments in the last year and see how the biggest players on the market currently stand. 🦾
400 Gbps Ethernet is currently being tested in our network LAB 🔌 Later this year we will migrate our DC cross connects to n x 400G 🎉

To learn more about our stack visit
Godspeed to @NASA & @SpaceX crew and happy 45th birthday to @esa 🚀🌍🛰️ https://t.co/8iAOQLlII6
@Ethouris As of right now, there's very little real business application with SRT. Speaking from our own perspective to this date, we haven't received a single request for its implementation from our clients.
@Ethouris We work with other protocols (CMAF for example) as well, not only RTMP. Which, by the way, is still heavily used by Facebook or Youtube :)
@Ethouris Hi Mikołaj, of course, it’s still one of the best protocols to get your feed to a transcoder from a remote location. The goal is to get your signal to our transcoder and from there we’ll do ABR and HLS/Dash conversion for smooth playback.
@brianlring Hi Brian, sure does and in most cases, we can deliver much faster. When it comes to more complex situations with DRM & ad insertion though, it does require a bit of extra work :)
@temmokan Hi Konstantin, we focus on improving our top quality service, including 24/7 live support, advanced features and premium network worldwide. We want all of our clients to benefit from these which brings higher costs. We’re aware that our service is not suitable for all use cases.
CMAF is well-known for its support of low latency live streaming. But did you know that it has considerable benefits for VOD as well?

Our streaming specialist, Tom Bacik, gave a presentation on this topic at Streaming Media West recently:
Attending #StreamingWest? Don't miss Tom's presentation at Video Engineering Summit about integrating CMAF into a VOD workflow!

Streamflow is an end-to-end video processing and delivery platform. Come chat with Kate and Tom 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️
@Swati_THN @hvnguyen86 @TheHackersNews Thank you Swati, we appreciate it. I wrote you an email yesterday, don't hesitate to ask us about anything should you need more information.

@hvnguyen86 @TheHackersNews Thank you for the additional information and clarification Hoai, we appreciate it!
Our statement regarding today's article published by @TheHackersNews CDN77 is not vulnerable to CPDoS attacks. https://t.co/CtfSqM5Hhh
@TheHackersNews Lastly, we take any vulnerability reports very seriously and we're not aware of receiving any on Feb 19, 2019. We've double-checked our mailboxes and tickets and there's no trace of such report.
@TheHackersNews Our clients can also turn off 404 caching if they know that there's a problem with their origin server.
@TheHackersNews There's no security breach on our side. We cache 200, 206, 301 and 404 status codes for performance optimization. All the mentioned errors can occur only if the content is not already cached and the origin server is misconfigured (e.g. in IIS).

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