Хостинг «DigitalOcean»

Особенности хостинга
  • SSD диски
  • Английский (English)
  • Балансировщики нагрузки
  • Облачный хостинг
  • Виртуальный выделенный сервер (VDS, VPS)
Соцсети и мессенджеры хостера
23 место
в общем рейтинге лучших хостингов.
На нем размещено примерно
9.971 домен .ru

Перейдите на сайт по нашей специальной ссылке https://m.do.co/c/c1f9066af281 и после регистрации вы получите $100, которые можно использовать в течение 60 дней для тестирования любых услуг. 

@zdenulo @webfaction Looking forward to having you! Welcome aboard!
@jordankaerim Hey! Apologies for the inconvenience. Please create a ticket for Support using the contact form by the link given below and the relevant team will assist you further accordingly.

@ralexrdz Hi there. We've notified our support team, and they'll be following up with you on the ticket shortly. Thank you.
@singh_gurjeet Hi there! We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please reach out to our support team on https://t.co/XrGZqbqGYk so that we can resolve this for you, mention your query similarly there as done here.
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@anthonylavado Glad we could help! If you have any further questions or concerns, please do let us know.
@anthonylavado Hi there! At this point in time, we do not permit the creation and activation of team accounts with PayPal as a billing method for the team. Rest assured, you can add a valid debit/credit card to create your team and then add PayPal as a payment option after activating your team.
@gahissy Hello. Check this link and let us know if it helps with your inquiry - https://t.co/ri2H5XmzIE
@cslinnett You're very welcome.
@cslinnett Hello. Unfortunately, we are not offering any black Friday deals/discounts at this time.
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@tudas_gore Hey Jocelyn! Thank you for reaching out to us! At this moment, we are only offering email support through tickets.

You can use our contact page to file your concern here: https://t.co/rHI355YxQA

We hope this answers your question.
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@fastfea Hi Michael! We regret the inconvenience faced! Would you please let us know if you opened a ticket with Support so we can look into the issue in detail?
@tanomsak Thank you, our support team is on it and they will reach out with more details on the same.
@tanomsak Hi, we are sorry to hear about the reported error. Could you please provide the ticket number created with us so that we can get this checked further?
@swade1987 Hi there! Yes, you can resize droplets if you wish you to on your control panel on https://t.co/3lYTOZoQcG, this link might help! https://t.co/9oD6s8D7U0

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