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Hear how NVIDIA and Equinix are jointly helping customers deploy their end-to-end AI solutions. Register for #GTC21 today!
Learn why in 2020 #cloud hyperscalers accounted for 80% of the #datacenter demand across the Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam & Paris markets according to @CBRE report.
See how private #interconnection is powering the third wave of #cloud adoption with geo #resiliency to protect mission-critical workloads & data.
Listen to the Digital Leaders Series podcast sponsored by #Equinix on Harvard Business Review to hear technology executives discuss the strategies their companies have adopted to create a digital advantage.
Learn how AI is moving from a centralized to a distributed model. Register for #GTC21 today!
The #IoT is creating more data at the #edge requiring hybrid #cloud architectures to process it using AI/ML services.
SP4 in São Paulo is known as the most interconnected data center in Latin America. Check out these 360º photos and see how SP4 looks from the inside:
See how digital transformation Is accelerating colocation & hyperscale demand in the @CBRE Europe #datacenter report.
Future-proof your #Federal mission with #SDN enabled #NaaS. Network modernization is easy with interconnection. Learn more.
See how you can write #applications to support both physical & #digitalinfrastructure using open source #infrastructureascode tools such as #Terraform.
It should be no surprise that #DigitalInfrastructure is everywhere. Find out what @Gartner_inc, Equinix, @NS1 & @VMware have to say about it in our latest blog.
Check out the article from @itworldca and learn how to enhance your strategic advantage:
See why customers choose NVIDIA and Equinix AI solutions versus other on-prem and cloud solutions. Register for #GTC21 today and learn more!
Today, Equinix announced that Tinkerbell (@tinkerbell_oss), an all-in-one open-source bare metal provisioning platform, has added new features and gained ecosystem adoption since joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Sandbox program.
@thedailyitguy Hi Rob - sorry for not getting back to you more quickly today. Can you DM us your information? We will make sure we get your to the right people.
See why businesses are pushing #digitalinfrastructure with hybrid #cloud at the #edge for distributed applications.
Check out the Digital Leaders Series podcast sponsored by #Equinix on Harvard Business Review and learn how Aon built an infrastructure that enables their business to continue operating seamlessly and prioritizes their customer needs.
Learn why on-demand infrastructure provisioning, such as with open source #infrastructureascode tools such as #Terraform are essential to building #digitalinfrastructure.
Learn how Equinix and NVIDIA customers are doing AI at the edge. Register for free for #GTC21 today!

#Equinix offers Canadian enterprises that aspire to be the world’s digital leaders a unique foundational digital infrastructure in the cloud. See what this trusted platform present in all the right places on the globe offers:

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