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@mutant_dog_dgc Hello. We don’t support push notifications in iOS at the moment. We do support the industry standard IMAP IDLE feature which works with many email programs but Apple don’t support this on iOS. Sorry to disappoint you.
@Limmattal Hello. Yes, you can renew the account now by paying for another year and you will get a second year on top of that. The offer is valid until the end of the month. Thank you.
@blastphemist Hello. Yes, you will get double what you pay for however many times you renew and it will be added to your existing renewal date each time. Thank you.
The Norwegian #COVID19 contact tracing app is banned by the Data Protection Authority due to privacy concerns:

@ookangzheng @noIPv6 Hello. Not yet, but it has not been forgotten 🙂
@kameyin Hello. Yes, if you renew your account now you will get 6 years added on to the end of your current renewal date 🙂
@donaldpwalker Hello Donald. Thanks for your message. Please open a support ticket about this at https://t.co/iYO5SpduFS and we can look at how these are currently configured to see what is possible. It’s not normally possible to do a swap easily but we can take a look and let you know. Thanks.
@bjornhellstrom Thanks for your kind words. They are much appreciated :-)
@DickTektiv Yes, that’s correct 🙂
@bjornhellstrom You can check your storage quota in the webmail interface :) If it hasn’t upgraded get in touch with us at https://t.co/iYO5SpduFS and we’ll sort that out for you.
@EMDiscussions The increased storage capacity is applied when the customer next renews the product or purchases a new product in the case of new customers. However, you can request we upgrade the storage for your account to the new quota at any time.
Today is Runbox' 20th birthday, and we’re giving YOU a present...

We are doubling the storage capacity on all our account plans!


And don't miss out on the doubling of subscription time if you subscribe or renew in October!
@dutchdelphidude This is why I suggested you contact us because as a loyal customer you will have a history of purchases with us and it might be we can suggest a more cost effective package. This is not asking you to beg for a discount but a sensible thing to do for anyone.
@dutchdelphidude I’m sorry you feel this way. You seem to be mixing up two issues here. One about being a loyal customer and about getting some kind of discount and the October promotion which is very specific and has nothing to do with loyal customers as it is open to everyone.
@dutchdelphidude That’s not the offer though. The offer is for October not the whole of 2020. You are asking us to do something we aren’t offering to anyone. As mentioned, you can still renew this month and the time you purchase including the free year will be added to your existing renewal date.
@dutchdelphidude We’re not asking you to beg but to write in to see if there is anything we can recommend. The promotion is for October because that is the month our anniversary is in. You can still renew again this month and benefit from the offer. It is open to all existing and new customers.
@dutchdelphidude If you haven’t already done so I would still recommend you contact us. We can review the product(s) you have with us and see what can be done to make them cost effective. Thank you.
@dutchdelphidude Hello. As mentioned above the offer runs throughout October. Please contact us at https://t.co/ydPuHGSxlJ with your username and we’ll just double check this for you.
@dutchdelphidude Hello. If there is a problem with the subscription time when you renewed open a support ticket at https://t.co/iYO5SpduFS You should have got a free year if you renewed in October :)
@robertklep Hello. Is this stopping you from viewing the card?

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